May 13, 2008

Abstain From the Passions of the Flesh

I walk through the cold hallway
The steady click, click, click of heels
Echoes, resonates, on the walls
It is all I hear
With a crowd around me, I am alone

His smile catches my eye
Hello, he calls, still grinning
I pause, taken up by his gaze
(Ugh. That young man knows he’s attractive
and he milks it for all it’s worth.)
He looks at me, his eyes laughing
Stop pursuing me!
Stop drawing me in!
I scream inside
You may be handsome but…

Oh! I do not need your affection
(Whether or not you give it-
it could be my mistaken impressions
or perhaps I read you rightly)
I have a better man than you as my friend
(Not that I cannot be a friend to you,
but my thoughts need not dwell on you)
Thank you for reminding me of my Savior, sir!
It is He who deserves my first allegiance
And here is with me,
holding me in his arms,
reminding me of his everlasting love.
I see I am not alone, nor was I ever.

So long, my man!


Kay said...

glad you posted it, girl. as you know, i love it, i love it, i love it! and i love you, too!

Kay said...

btw please forgive my exuberance.

Serfy said...

did you write that???? it's amazing!

Art said...

yup. thank you!
by the way, just wanted to let you know how very encouraging it is to get so much positive feedback from you, serf. =)

the ozed one said...

Very interesting read. What was your inspiration?

Art said...

a guy I met at a debate tournament.