November 23, 2008

Who Am I?: My thoughts

"Be yourself" they say. Do they realize how difficult that is?

I don't want to be merely composed of my ideas or actions. It doesn't make sense to me for my definition to be encapsulated in the things I love.

I desire to be appreciated for who I am. But who am I? Thinking about it doesn't seem all that encouraging. I know I'm a sinner, yet a redeemed one. I can be confident of God's love, but that's not because of me. It's all Him. His grace- not my delightful personality or my own thoughtfulness for others.

Isn't there something that makes me myself and not anyone else? Or are the differences I see non-essential characteristics?

Maybe I don't need to discover myself. Maybe it's only my pride that makes me want to be unique. How can I know?

Tomorrow, look at another view of what defines a person.


Serfy said...

I don't think it's pride that make you want to be unique. It's more like you have an innate sense of uniqueness because God put it there.

I definitely agree that it's hard to "be yourself" when you're not quite sure what that means.