November 22, 2008

Who Am I?: Quotes

People are different. But why? Is the only distinguishing factor between us the things that show on the outside? Our looks, our actions, our likes?

Or is there something, deep inside of us, that is unique? How can we know who we truly are?

Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote: The things that we love tell us what we are.

A.W. Tozer held that “What we believe about God is the most important thing
about us.”

Or what about this quote from an article called Names and Labels on Boundless?

As for me, you can post labels on my forehead that are accurate so far as they go. Male. 5'11". Writer. 31 years old. They help the advertisers know if I'm a candidate to buy an MP3 player, and help you decide if you'll regard me as friend or commodity.

But do they begin to describe who I am?

"If I label you, it doesn't begin to do you justice," you might say, in your more charitable moments. "So I'll name you George Wylie Halitzka, Jr.1 I call you by your dreams, your frustrations, your idiosyncrasies. I acknowledge your fears and pleasures, knowledge and ignorance, strengths and weaknesses. I call you George."

It seems to say that a name reaches into the depths of a person's being.

Who's right?

To be continued...
Part 2