January 31, 2009

"I used to..." is the wrong attitude

me, I didn't care
about the people here and there
while sin encased my heart
I attempted to look smart

I acted dumbly
answered numbly
kept on stumbling
started crumbling

and now, where am I?
who am I? I'm changed and new
this flawed human is now
on the mend because of You

but can I analyze
my movements?
can I synthesize
my improvements?

I claim "I used to..." and assume
my actions are removed from blame
ha! it's false, misleading
aren't I still the same?

eternal life is mine I know,
but my sinful nature stays
so my view of past offenses
must be humble, full of praise


Serfy said...

oh, this is my thought pattern in verse. it gives me much food for thought. thanks especially for the last two lines.

Kaitlyn said...

As I have already told you: "Me likey." Definitely something to remember and ponder. Happy Birthday!

Eunice said...

Poetry and ponderings, I like!!

and thoughts that reflect who we often are!