March 4, 2009

I'm not so sure that opposites attract

You know the whole braintype thing? Okay, almost every one of my very best friends are intuitives. We connect; we ask questions; we ponder meaning and truth. And I love it! But, God made intuitives AND sensors. Obviously, both kinds of people have inestimable value in God's economy.

Yet, honestly, it's almost like I have a predjudice against sensors. Sensors are the ones who leave the dinner table when I start asking questions. Sensors are the ones who notice minute details that don't matter to me. Sensors are the ones who shrug off my musings. Not always, mind you, but that's the perception I have. I want to stop being so elitist and selfish. I know it's not right to scorn or even pity a sensor: but an internal argument rages.

On the one hand, I adore asking and answering questions. Great philosophical discussions make my life so rich. On the other hand, I have to accept that we're all different parts of the body of Christ. How can I change my attitude, and stop devaluing those I don't connect with as well? Oh, I desperately want to love as Christ loved. I just don't know how.


Michael said...

This is the age old battle! To love those that annoy us, or do not interest us, or seem "uninterested". I don't know how to love them, but I try my best anyway and of course ask for God's help. Sensors are the ones who remind me to not forget my phone or know where I left my backpack :P that sense they are "useful". But...I think I agree that opposites do not usually attract (romantically, and in every other way.) it's so much easier to talk to people who are like minded!

But...loving people because they are people, not because they are "fun" or "interesting" is of course the answer...doing it is our burden and joy!

Daughter of the King said...

The whole "opposites attract" thing is a law of chemistry, not relationships. I've found that people are rarely as alike or different from us as we think they are. While personality tests can be fun and helpful, they tend to stick people in boxes, and most people aren't box-shaped, they're people shaped. :) Which means any and everything. People who are like me externally (bouncy, bubbly, ect.) don't necessarly go about things the way I do, and vice-versa. You can't really have an opposite of a person, everyone has thier own make-up, intuitives and sensors alike.
And I've found that the people in life that I consider most annoying...... are the ones that are most like me ;)

Anonymous said...

Tolerance often comes with age. Things seem so much more sharply delineated when you're young. Also we're human and human beings are grouchy creatures. Hang in there--as you say you're a work in process.