March 13, 2009

Let me tell you what I really think

Transparency is graceful awkwardness.

It allows the ugly imperfections to be seen. It acknowledges dissatisfaction, inadequacy, and clumsiness.

Transparency requires boldness and honesty. Its vulnerable pursuit of truth is what makes it so admirable, so graceful, so lovely.

I love it.

(Yes, I'm saying things without the necessary qualifiers about needing to be in the right context, perhaps I'm ignoring all the discussions I've had about transparency within the last month, and probably the idea of 'graceful awkwardness' isn't as awesome as I fool myself it is. Oh, what's the right way to present an idea you feel partial to?)


Hayley said...

Transparency is a fascinating and freeing paradox. I kind of love it for being so hard for me to wrap my head around. :D

You're spot on. Transparency is honesty and humility and authenticity. The fact that it's hard and elusive and confusing doesn't change the fact that it's beautiful. ; )

Michael said...

I'll drink my orange juice to that.

Daughter of the King said...

Is it possible to be transparent when you don't understand yourself? And is transparency really the bold honesty we make it out to be? I've noticed that when I try to be frank it is often driven my perception rather than the actual reality.