March 16, 2009

monday is a nice day to meditate

New and old faces pass me by...I'm trying to connect with a few at least. I want to really love them. They are the humanity that I ought to love with all of myself.

Not to claim that I succeed. Still, is selflessness unnatural? No, it's how things should be. I'm trying to be normal.

I miss you all (except for Kaitlyn =P). Maybe it's just my region-sickness that makes me exaggerate the events of this tournament...but agape is alot different than phileo. Comfortable is different than strange. Yet the loneliness I feel in big crowds is largely the same. As is the reassurance I find in my Savior.


Kaitlyn said...

Thanks for the reminder Becka. I need to work on this. Today is a new day filled with more people to meet, learn from, and love.

I miss you...which is why I shall now wake you up. :)