March 14, 2009

Raw. (thoughts on transparency)

Open up, let your heart be torn apart
Show the real you, be stared through by cruel eyes
Listen to them laugh
Try to shut your ears and eyes…
No! They must be open

Stop closing in fear
Be naïve
And foolish…
Love equally

Confuse yourself with finding truth
What is right?
Don’t be selfish
Give, give, give
Pour yourself out

And find yourself with nothing?
Only a broken heart
That’s trying to become calloused
Before you grow hard, run.

Look back in remorse
Wish you knew wisdom
Curl up in His embrace
Weep for your mistakes that weren’t mistakes at all

You’ll never know the answer,
And sadness washes over you
For love that was given selflessly

But not your love only!
For the injustice of His scars.

Be secure
His love.


Hayley said...

This is beautiful. When I read the first stanza in your status I hoped there was more. Thank you, Rebecca. : )

Michael said...

Brava! I echo everything Hayley said (Minus the status because I didn't see it.) :) It's wonderful.