March 10, 2009

sometimes I think so fast

that the thoughts slip away. I could have written many posts in the space of the last twenty-four hours. About the necessity of being a whole person, needing ideas, music, relationships, as well as actions and material things. About how I wonder if wisdom and truth are really any different.* About braintype-arranged marriages. About my obsession with Jon Foreman's music. About my feeling side being "all or nothing." About the troublesomeness of value clash.** About my depression that I feel old, and the difficulties of being an introvert.*** About my tendency to start too many sentences in succession with the same word.

Instead, I wrote just one.

*“Philosopher: A lover of wisdom, which is to say, Truth.” -Voltaire
**What exactly is an intrinsic value?
***I want to rejoice in my youth, and let my heart cheer me in the days of my youth. Instead, I find myself feeling exhausted. I yearn for breathless enthusiasm, boundless energy, and carefree joy! I want to either convince myself to be content with who I am, or turn into an extravert.


Eunice said...

God is near. Rest in Him.

Kaitlyn said...

"...braintype-arranged marriages"...Becka, you make me laugh.

Reading your post made me think of something. How cool is it that God made us able to think so many thoughts?! That He would even give us the ability to reason, analyze, and ponder ideas. That He would give us words...that you can blog? How wonderful is it that He made you? I'm glad He did.

Grace Joan said...

I know these feelings; I know them very well.

I'm obsessed with Jon Foreman too.

Hope does not disappoint.