April 10, 2009


people are rich. (I think I'm going to borrow from them.)

you are rich. (I still don't have a word for the sharing of ideas, the fact that more than one person can possess truth at the same time.)

You show me meaning when I have nothing to offer. You love me when I'm selfish. You instruct me when I'm answerless.
It's no insult to my intelligence to become aware of the fact that you have something to share!

Rich can have bad connotations, but to me, rich means full, true, encouraged, being a whole person. Rich soil, rich minds.

It seems the more I learn, the more I notice the connections between everything. Wisdom is truth is meaning is wholeness is wealth. When I say I'm passionately in love with Truth, I mean, in a round-about way, that I'm in love with the whole world.