May 7, 2009

beautiful parts of a brilliant whole

I kind of like quoting song lyrics in my gmail status...but I seem to run into a sort of a dilemma. The part that shows the message most clearly is often a little lame-sounding without context.

Think about it. "It's a beautiful day!" sounds nice, but it's far more awesome when you actually listen to the whole song. And the parts that are brilliant, such as, "In my dream I was drowning my sorrows, but my sorrows they learned to swim" are confusing or not applicable to people reading your status.

Of course, you can just quote a whole section, to give your friends a picture of the ingenious rhyme or rhythm, as well as the message, but eh. I don't know if I like reading huge chunks of text.

Now, I realize I'm making gross over-generalizations, and there are likely many examples of cool-sounding and meaningful short quotes. But, just wanted to share with you the challenges of communicating a message in a way that is charming! It's so much more complete and fulfilling when we see all the parts as one whole story.

On a side note, I finished Perelandra today. 'Twas a glorious book, I grew so much older reading it. :D I have also accrued a decent store of quotes from that treasure-house of wisdom. Oh, it was wonderful- the eternal truths, the surprising insights, were all presented through the flow of a well-crafted story. Each new layer revealed something more lovely underneath...yes, this is a rambling rave, I'll stop now, but *happy sigh*


Kay said...

I will be the first to say that I am very excited you have enjoyed reading Perelandra! (Now I can read it! *snickers*)

"I don't know if I like reading huge chunks of text."

I know I don't. It is difficult, tiresome, and reflects poorly on your ability to cut an interp.

Andrew said...

Perelandra! Wonderful, wonderful book. Yeah. Don't have much else to say except that I agree with both statements. Perelandra is awesome, and it is difficult to find a short, sweet quote that says it all.