May 31, 2009

everlasting life

Whenever I remember God's amazing love, whenever I've been so selfish and stupid but God restores me, I have this overflow of energy. I want to sing, I want to blog about it, (or I ask myself, could I use this for today's poem?).

I don't want to brag about myself or my walk with Christ: it's rather silly to say "God really speaks to me" in the same way it's silly to say "this poem really speaks to me." Of course, God speaks to every Christian! If I boast, my boasting is in the Lord, I have nothing of my own to pride myself on. But I can't not speak about my happiness. I feel energetic and excited. This is why we say the joy of the Lord is our strength!

When I woke up this morning, I remembered my selfish attitudes and my ridiculous sin. (I understand now what it means to remember so you can forget.) And I understand better David's plea to restore in me the joy of your salvation. God has delivered me, he has forgiven me, and he continues to restore me. Ahh. God is so good!


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Michael said...

:) I know that feeling well, the look at a tiny peace of redemption and Gods goodness. You

Kaitlyn said...

As you know Rebecca, restore is my favorite word. God is so good. This post = <3