May 19, 2009

In praise of doing what you want to do

If I was being a little more accurate, the title of this post would be, "In praise of doing what you want to do without caring what everyone else is doing." Thus, it would give me an opportunity to congratulate Hayley for not minding being unoriginal, and to thank Micah for not changing his template just because everyone else was.

I like the template I have now, I don't think I'm going to get a new one any time soon. But if I did, I'd pick from three awesome ones that Kris found (and I like).

A pretty gray, subdued expression, and flowers.

I like this one because it's so organic, graceful, and airy.

And rain rocks the world.



Hayley said...

Why is doing what you want to do so commendable? What if I want to do something bad? What if doing something good means not doing what I do want to do? :P

That rain template is /wonderful/!

Michael said...

The point is that you did not let others decision making pressure you into doing something, it did not "affect" you. Well, it affected you...but you got a new layout because you thought it was a good idea, not simply because someone else did, see?

Code I had to type in: joke. That's totally a pun. You know like...."promo code" form the radio or somethign?

K-Mac said...

i totally was the first one to not mind being unoriginal!


okay, maybe that joke fell flat :P