May 24, 2009

Is holding on holding back?

There's a stupid word
They call it "senior"

Applying angry adjectives
Never affected anything!
I hate not the word, but
The heartrending reality

I don't want them to leave,
These people whom I love

Is constancy possible
Or is separation inevitable?
Can we be torn in person
but be together in heart?

In time, I'll graduate too
I should know that time never stops

Will pouring myself out now
Stop the steady severing later?
If I cling to them hard enough
Will we each remember?

It might be simpler if I let them go
But, oh... I want this parting painful.


Michael said...

"But, oh... I want this parting painful." that okay? I want it to be.

These people aren't gone forever...though constancy is impossible, the only constant is change, really. :(

soulvessel said...

oh gosh that almost made me cry!
so true. true, all of it.