May 1, 2009

Minor annoyances

Bothered. I use that word alot.

For example, I'm bothered when I spend a lot of a time on lameish blog post, and can't decide if I even want to post.

I'm bothered with people who ramble or believe what I strongly disagree with.

This is what Hayley told me two days ago:
"James 1:20 - "man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires." it's just not really worth getting ticked about."

Oh, great, now I can be bothered at my unrighteousness. I think I secretly like being bothered by things, it makes me think that I have high standards and am sensitive. I don't know the right perspective to take about minor annoyances. I do know I should be content, I know I shouldn't be self-righteous, I know that I should hate evil.

Of course, the things that bother me aren't all "evil." They're usually minuscule things that don't matter.

Why do I find it so hard not to care about what doesn't matter?

And I've already thought about this same problem of mind so many times, I've already discussed being bothered that I'm bothered. The problem is not a theoretical uncertainty, but a difficulty in practice.

Is it asking too much to request you to tell me if you see my attitude off?


Micah E. said...

I would suggest apathy, but its a pathetic way to be.

Michael said...

I think that really the answer is to simply ask God to take your annoyance away. Be able to recognize when something is wrong and but un-annoyed. But then again...I think we are supposed to be annoyed at things, evil things. It is definitely possible to be upset or dissatisfied with something without being angry.

No, that's not asking too much, and I think we would all like you tell us the same (at least I would...and I'm assuming other people would *shrug*)

Your Friend Andrew said...

You assume correctly, Michael. I am the king of

I have one suggestion, something that I am trying out this week:

Every time I get bothered by something that really doesn't matter or start to argue with someone over something largely unimportant, I'm going to say "Oh, bother," in my best Winnie the Pooh impression (which is a horrible one). Hopefully this will remind me of how silly the whole thing really is.

In retrospect, I nearly always feel stupid for arguing about the things I argue about. And if I don't feel stupid right afterward, I will inevitably feel stupid at some point - basically, when I start thinking clearly.

So in answer to your last question, I'll tell you if you'll tell me.

Your Friend Andrew said...

Sorry, I am the king of a lot of negative things, but what I meant to say before I trailed off was:

I am the king of being bothered by stupid things.

You probably guessed that, but I just wanted to to clarify that. Boy, I am the king of trailing of in the middle