May 22, 2009

Pacifism (version 1)

Consumed by an idea
Eating up my energies
We're wrestling;
I can't put it down
It claims to give peace
But it's a war in my mind

Intuition and reason
People and authorities
Principles and results
Forbearance and retribution
Compassion and justice
The now and the future

I can't seem to compile this
I'm buried in Scripture analysis
Theologians and histories
Vile material world!
Must I understand you
Before I can grasp peace of mind?


Hayley said...

How well I know this feeling, only not with pacifism. But it's worth it, oh, how the intellectual struggle is worth it!

Michael said...

Questioning frustration is one of the most productive kinds, I think.

I can relate, though I have not researched in depth about pacifism, but as Hayley said, with other things (such as Liberty, for instance...and I still have a lot of questions about that) not be dismayed, and don't be disappointed if you can't find an answer.