May 27, 2009


Concepts and ideas,
Yearning to be expressed,
Become graspable or, at least,
glimpsable by language

We cry out in painful longing
"This is beauty! This is truth!"
But is it reverie for a clear idea
Or for a style that adds beauty?

When God speaks through you
(In that moment of inspiration, genius)
Am I in awe of his ideas or His words?
His message or his method?

Why is Jesus called the Word of God?
He was the perfect (complete!) man,
God's spirit manifested in tangible form
His style, his personality, his signature: faultless

Could He have shown himself any other way
Or was there only one possible Incarnation?
Are styles of expression powerful for themselves
(hence equally able to bring forth beauty)
Or must the word communicate only the true meaning?


Michael said...

This reminds me of when I've can we all have different personalities if we are meant to all reflect God? or does God have every personality? or none....hum...

Hayley said...

Blah, I can't articulate it, but there is some merit in form, not just content. The idea is the genius, but different methods appeal to different people. The poetic style of Isaiah communicates the same truths as Luke in his detailed narrative. It's not that the method is superior to its message, the method is rather defined by the message. But the method is pretty darn impressive too. :D