May 19, 2009

To Be With You

Cum is a little Latin preposition that means with.
Communication allows sharing of thoughts, ideas, emotions with others.
Community shares life with each other.
Communion means sharing existence, *being* with others.

I feel a little repetitive belaboring this idea of sharing, of withness. But I find it so fascinating. What's the point of speaking or writing, really? It's communication. And communication is meant to unite, to bring people together into community. At its most intense, this connection is communion, seeming to be part of another.

I think I understand why Christians should aim to "think God's thoughts after Him." Communion with God means that we abide in Him, His being is our being, His thoughts are our thoughts. And it makes sense, communion with God means that the Holy Spirit lives in me. God exists in me.

Communion with other people is existing with them, where part of yourself is part of them. Communion leads us to feel what Emily Dickinson expressed, "Where thou art, there is home." Communion is the sharing of Truth through transparency. Most of all, to commune is to be.

So many concepts are contained when I say "to be." Being is thinking, being is acting, being is existing.
To be with means to live, to share, to connect, to struggle, to ponder, understand, to learn- together.

I want to be with you.

God, I want to be with You.


Michael said...

Hum...Perhaps when we are in communion with God, and communion with others we are most human.

Hayley said...

Now I have New Year's Day stuck in my head. Munchkin?

"To commune is to be. To be is to think, act, exist, live, share, connect, struggle, ponder, understand, learn - together." Wow, how complete we are in our being when we understand what real communion is. I can't get over the genius of it, I hope I never do. : )

Art said...

Ah, Michael, good commune is to be, and hopefully if we're being, we're being human. :D

Hayley- of course you have New Year's Day in your head, so did I the whole time I was writing this. ;)