May 28, 2009

Too much to do in too little time. (A few more words can make the title rhyme)

Hopelessly illogical

Request to server can't be fulfilled

Disorganized masses of information

Typing without meaning
Reading with comprehending
I worry myself since I'm
Thinking without progressing

Time is running out!
I want to shout
I can't seem to escape
this cycle of doubt

Fizz Crackle Pop
I wish I could stop.
Let me out from this pressure
And don't let me drop

Working too hard wearies the child
I think she needs something cool and mild
There, there. All will be made right
You won't fall prey to the cruel and wild


Hayley said...

Yay rhyming!

I know this feeling. Very well. But this, too, shall pass!

Micah E. said...

The difference between debate and robotics is that you can use Mountain Dew and Red-Bull to perk up in robotics... but you can't do that in debate, because they don't help your brain.

Hang in there. It'll end when you're dead.

Michael said...

...that's encouraging, Micah ;)