June 30, 2009


Breathe~ inhale, absorb, awaken your senses, take in, be aware, be alive.
(Through breath we survive, by breath we grow.)

People (and you are a person) are amazing. With a brain, a store of near-infinite knowledge. Possessing a beating heart, with such enormous capacity for love. With a soul! Making choices, altering the future, existing as a complex being. People matter.

Thinking about them is not enough, picturing memories isn't enough, oh, you are a living human who is so much more than can be captured in an image of the past. I want to be in the present moment, learning about who you really are, even, helping you articulate your self. I want to breathe you in. (Yes, I try to breathe what matters, what is matter. I can't understand how it's possible, but even a solid, firm, piece of matter has an essence that can be taken in.)

I don't think I really know you. But I want to breathe you in. Understand what really matters to you, who you are, and live on with you. This love can become idolatry, this is not what I desire. Do I need to know you fully? No, I can never, will never, need not throw myself into drinking from every living thing's well. But do we only live by breathing the words of our Father? No again.

Simply, if you are human, you matter, and I want you to matter to me.

~I breathe deep.