June 11, 2009

Insufficient abstractions

This evening, Mom, Kristen, and I walked in the glorious evening. Kristen asked me what the mood was like to me. I told her like I saw it: it was clear and refreshing. The whole atmosphere was cool, like a glass of cold water- but not so cold that it freezes your teeth. It felt flowing, like I imagine it feels to be diving off a high dive...Not for me, but for a professional diver. It was alive and breathing. It was like being on the top of a mountain with your hands spread wide. The wind was delightful. The evening felt so cool and real and innocent.

Then it was Kristen's turn. I asked her to describe the evening how she saw it. Here's her answer:
The sky is purple, dark purple, with an orange undertone. Everything is foggy. You can usually see individual leaves on the trees, but today you can only see a more general green shape. The fog affects the way the street light shines. The light comes out in rays, beams really. Like the giant rays of light you see when a cloud covers the sun, or... like a light inside of a pool.

Everywhere, silence. What sounds there are, are muffled.

I love the wind. It tickles my ears and makes my hair brush up against my face now and then. (So this is what it feels like to have super model hair...) The cold pricks my arms like tiny needles, making me feel alive and awake. My feet trip lightly over the cement. It's slightly wet and my flats don't make any noise. It's like I'm floating in an ethereal world.
Beautiful. We're both taking in the same evening, the same wind, the same fog. For me, the details and the senses are swept up into a overall feeling. My perception is full of relations and connections. Kristen sees the world in vivid details. She notices things that I've completely missed. I love it.

Ah, you sensors, your lives are full. I am not superior to you. I need you just as much as you need me. (Maybe more, my elitism has always surpassed yours, so it takes more effort to get me off my high horse.) I... I almost feel jealous of you, you seem to be able to enjoy more. My abstract appreciation pales in comparison to your detailed description. Ideas I can understand, but the world? I thought I experienced it... I thought I was learning to love it...Oh, but it comes naturally to you!

This realization of what I've been missing is both wonderful and greatly humbling. I want to do this more often, to see the world through different eyes. I want to notice and care about what I usually ignore. (And, I want to tell you all that Kristen is an amazing person.)


Hayley said...

"Kristen is an amazing person." That is a TRUE statement.

And isn't it funny, all the different perspectives on one thing, and how assembling them produces the most amazing insight - awesomness. :D

Andrew said...

Wow, great post! Some of my most wonderful experiences have been when I've realizes that other types of people are just as fascinating, important, and beautiful as the groups I place myself in, and the same goes for their perspective on the world. This post makes me happy. :) You've effectively de-stressed the last day before I graduate. Thank you! By writing this post, you've made my day.