June 28, 2009

Speaking the truth is much harder than avoiding uttering lies, mhm.

[Scattered thoughts, numbered for easy reference. Kind of like strophes in poetry. Except that I don't claim that my questions are like poetry.]

Is it sacrilegious to write "truth" without capitalizing it? (No, of course it's not sacrilegious. I'm currently in the process of determining which way I prefer.)

When studying the Word of God, is our point to be interested in the thoughts expressed, and examine every aspect of the Scripture passage, or to figure out an answer to a pressing question, and stay on the topic? (Tangents are terribly easy to get on, sometimes they edify, other times they distract. Bible studies' purposes naturally vary, but I wonder how to resolve the conflict between exploring related content and staying focused.)

What if there's nothing to say? There is always the overarching message of the gospel we have a burden to communicate. There is always Truth/truth [depending on your preference ;)]* that lasts forever and bears repeating. But oh- does it really? I can remind myself of immutable truths, but must I always be saying them to others? I don't think so, not every moment should be occupied by sound. Our lives can be an account of what Love has done.
But what about specific thoughts? Who or what is to blame if there's nothing worthwhile to blog about?

*Please note the clever avoidance of the double-chin smilie. Um, CASC. :P

It's sad that even in passion for the Truth, we can communicate it poorly. That my excitement about God's love can be received or perceived (is there any difference as to the meaning of those words?) as ridiculous and annoying jabbering. That talking about what matters to me, what has changed me and helped me, can be selfish. Ah, why must my sin hurt the acceptance of the Truth?

Why do we learn to communicate well- because we want the Truth to get out, and God's message to be heard, or because we care about the people we speak to, and we want them to live forever? The options aren't mutually exclusive. Can we care about people if we don't care more about God?

Oh. The question, at its heart is looking like this: do we love for Love's sake, or speak truth for Truth's sake? Clearly, the answer is both. Speak the truth in love. Don't you love discovering systems and parallels, being able to synthesize an issue into a way that makes sense? I certainly do. This is just a point in time where it's appropriate to exclaim, Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!


Micah E. said...

I've been thinking about number 3 as well, but I don't think that there's nothing to say, only that, perhaps, nothing needs to be said. Not in a "goes without saying" kind of way, but only that now is not the "proper season" for saying. That there is a time for sowing and a time for reaping, and that doing either at the wrong time isn't productive.

number 1, I hope not.