June 3, 2009

Whenever I'm trying to process something, I immediately think about how it would work in a poem. Weird. (Thanks, NaPoWriMo!)

In some ways poetry is a more considerate type of journalling, it seems almost easier to explain my thoughts in free verse than in prose. Prose means logic and organization and explanation, poetry means free form and spontaneity and ambiguity. I think. (But then, if someone else was writing this post, I'd want to point out how I'm wrong, because poetry actually has more structure. Whatever, it still seems this way to me.)


Hayley said...

I've been having an insanely hard time writing lately, and I don't know why, so I've done a few free verse and it's much easier. (And the entire time, the classic poetry lover in me is dying at my blatant disregard for structure - but whatever, it's journaling!) I think it works both ways.

Michael said...

I've definitely developed that "poem instinct". I love being able to write in free verse and let it flow without thought of any grammar, complete sentences!

And poetry CAN have more structure, if you want it too.