July 1, 2009

I really, really like this verse

Colossians 1:18 (no particular translation except my attempt to translate from Greek, gratis A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek, by William Mounce.)

And He is the head of the body,
(The ruler, the director, the life-giver)
that is, the church;
(all of us are His hands and feet, His thought inspires our action)
who is the beginning,
(and the end! but remarkably the beginning- no infinite regression, He didn't create himself even, He has always been- I AM)
the first born from the dead,
(the dead yields few children, eh? He died, but then was resurrected- born from the dead. How, except in Him, can death bring forth life?)
so that He Himself might come
(bringing Himself glory)
to be preeminent in all.
(taking hold of our lives through His awesome power.)


Michael said...

humph, that is a really cool verse!