July 11, 2009

I wonder...

What is joy? How can you be miserable and unhappy and still call yourself joyful? Is joy mental or emotional? That is, is joy the ability to experience happy feelings when the situation would contradict your emotional response, or a knowledge of hope even when you feel frustrated?

What is prayer? How is praying different than talking to yourself? How can you tell if God responds? Is prayer just reminding yourself of spiritual things you already know?

What is music? What is the value of music? If it dies, do we die as well? Do I appreciate beauty as much as I should? Is beauty tied to emotion? What does it mean to appreciate the beautiful?


Kay said...

This post reminds me of why I love talking to you. I can ask you my questions and then you can process them and find out what I am really trying to ask. :)

"How can you be miserable and unhappy and still call yourself joyful?" I don't think we, in and of our selves, can be joyful in miserable and unhappy circumstances. But God twists our natural responses around and gives us joy when we focus on Him.

I kind of think of contentment as mental and joy as emotional. We have to decide to be content and joy results. I don't know, but that's how it seems to me.

Lis said...

This is a reminder to me that I am to talk to you about joy when I get home... or by some other strange event get the chance beforehand. =)