July 2, 2009

Must I continue extraverting feeling?

[written partially while processing Hayley's poem, posted because I like feeling emotions. Really I have no explainable reason beyond my braintype. Lameness.]

I'm thirsty, most predominantly. It's doing strange things to me...kind of like what happens when I listen to Eisley. Gahh. Can I breathe? Can I understand? Reading Hayley's poem is like being tossed into a ship in the midst of a thunderstorm. It's like riding the rides at the amusement park that I've been too afraid or apathetic or unreckless to try. My eyes are burning, my stomach is churning, my brain is moaning, all of me is groaning. This dramatic life. How afraid I am to be completely confused. How much I want capture this rare moment when reason doesn't suffice!


Hayley said...

Whoa! What you described is exactly what happens to me when I listen to what I call "the strings songs" (Yeah, Margo and "Paper Towns" again. The strings are convenient vernacular.) like The Lightning Strike or HoH's By Your Side. Is that extroverting emotion? It's just a strange feeling, the sick-to-your-stomach emotion fest, but I think I know what you mean.

Michael said...

maybe I'm the only one...but I love that feeling, and I'm amazing the way art can make me feel that way. It makes a connection in my mind, it taps into a part of me and forces me to feel something whether I want to or not.