August 16, 2009

All you need is love.

Right, the Beatles are our authoritative source for truth. But if God is love, then all you need is love. It should be simple.

God's love is all we need, and all we need to do is to love.

I was reading through my notebook yesterday, and I found myself impressed by all that I've thought about. (Silly, I know.) "Knowing God evaporates all pride," Devin said in a devotion he gave at camp. So perhaps my knowing, as interesting to me as it was, was not knowing God.

Then I wondered, what is the purpose of ideas? Ideas do not sustain us, ideas do not save us. Ideas, ("like friendship?" I asked myself) are simply blessings, ways perhaps that God shows his love, but not the source of our existence. We do not need them for survival.

But if ideas don't find their ultimate purpose in benefiting ourselves, do they help us love others? Perhaps, perhaps, I thought. I can use my intellect to engage and connect with people who think similarly. I can challenge articulately ungodly worldviews. I can speak about ideas that will help others to live more fully.*

And perhaps, having people hear my ideas helps them know me better. It seems to me that being willing to show yourself is part of loving people. Related to this is the question of why should I blog? If it's for myself, I might as well write it in a journal or notebook. If its for others, then it takes ever so much more effort to decide what is beneficial to them. And they don't need me, remember? All they need is love- God's love.

I've thought about this concept (the one I'm about to tell you) a fairly good deal, and whenever I think of it, I think about Ransom, being told that he is the miracle that would save Perelandra. The point is this: people are often God's tools of showing love. Whether that love be in the community of believers, or in the culture (the culture that is made up of individual people, mind you! :D), our love is a reflection of God's love.

This brings me back to what I started with: God's love is what sustains us. And we need to love people.

For some time, I've seen the two as slightly conflicting, though I know they should not be. I've been afraid that being absorbed in God cuts me off from people around me. (But I've found that this is no true focus on God, it is an absorption in self!) And I've experienced times when devoting myself to the cares of others leaves me feeling drained and alone. (But how can I expect to give to others when I derive my strength from myself?)

This is how it has concluded, as simple and obvious as it is: God's love (and mercy in saving me) is what gives me joy. Love towards others is the overflow of joy in God. Loving is simple (or simpler) when the joy of the Lord is my strength. We love only because Christ first loved us. We can't do anything unless we dwell in Christ first.

Love is all you need.

*As a meta-comment, I'm currently recalling a thought process that I've already had. It's rather interesting to see how mood affects your style of writing. If I'd written this blog post last night, it would likely be more vibrant, less breezy and narrative-like. It makes me wonder, if your mood affects your communication so much, should we save some things to say for when we feel like it? Of course, there are some things that are pressing and must be dealt with, but blog posts never needed to be posted. If I wait, I may forget what to say, (and not because all words are dust- just because the idea has left me) and it may never be said. But then, ideas don't need to be said. Or do they?


Lis said...


Thank-you for talking with me

Hayley said...

Yes. Amen.

The intense Rebecca-esque tone of this post makes me miss you approximately ten times more. :)

Micah E. said...

I think that Love and Truth are closely linked, if not almost synonyms.

And Ideas are about finding truth. Like this one, unoriginal or not, the idea that Love is all we need.

Miss you.

Michael said...

Community, Community, Community. :) God is the root of it, like everything else :) This was very enjoyable to read.

Michael said...

Oh, and I'm with Micah on everything he said, including the missing.

Kay said...

Becka! You're okay! You're alive! I am finally reading all of your recent blog posts and was so cheered to read this one. It encompasses so much of what I have been thinking about in the past week.

I miss and love you. Thank you for blogging and sharing your thoughts with me.