August 30, 2009


We people are so fragile
We're each a world our own
Balancing on circumstance
And facing life alone

When full, we have a weight
to keep us on the ground
But full of self, our wants and needs
Can't stop our falling down

When empty and abandoned,
we're "swaying in the wind"
So easily we're blown away
For to nothing are we pinned

We need a rock to hold to
A truth that is not moved
We either fix ourselves to it
Or wait until it's proved

By faith we're sure and stable
Though we cannot always see
We can be certain and believe
The truth will set us free.


Micah E. said...

Sometimes I forget about faith. Sometimes I get preoccupied with my "wants and needs". Thanks for the reminder.

Kaitlyn said...

This is lovely, Rebecca.