August 15, 2009

Quotes and insights heard or read at/around camp

"All the good I know is in this, that a man might so love this world that it would break his heart." -Jayber Crow

"I have called you by name and you are Mine." -Isaiah 43, both the song and the chapter in Isaiah

"I'm like Jesus. Fully introvert yet fully extrovert." -Michael

"Good is defined by God's nature, not his approval." -Tim, in answer to the question "Whether the pious or holy is beloved by the gods because it is holy, or holy because it is beloved of the gods."

"The closer I get to God the more I've learned about evil." -Hannah M, (and so began a new development of thought on innocence)

Katie Anne?: "Why are you staring at me?"
Me: "I am trying to find out what you think about me."
Josh: "Whoa. I never do that."
Kelsea: "I do. Just...Rebecca's more honest than I am."

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -A quote from someone, conveyed via Hannah K

"Culture is made up of individual people." -Hannah K

"I said that you looked like a giant by your shadow. The shadow was the truth." -Smith of Wooton Major

"Their beliefs are their life. Don't kill them. Show them a difference in who you are." -Tim, on how to convince others

"He has been healed by love!" -The beast, in answer to Beauty's question, "But where is Beast?" It is love that leads the escape!

"Where the Spirit is, there is freedom." -2 Cor 3:17, via the Lead the Escape program

There is so much to learn, so much reason for contentment. "I have an emotional need for intellectual stimulation," I tell myself. But even if that is true, there's no reason for me to not be happy! :)


Lis said...

"I have an emotional need for intellectual stimulation" - Rebecca

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This makes me happy.

Echoes in Ink said...

"Men are hollow beings. Some require substance to fill the void in their marble hearts. Others, the touch of an artist to make their solid form beautiful." -Catey and Rebecca

Echoes in ink,
With much love,