September 18, 2009

Dumpster Diving

On the way home from work, my dad saw someone throwing books into a dumpster. Oh, what a travesty! This evening, we decided to investigate.

We snuck out with a flashlight (which we really didn't need, but it added to the mood). When we got to the dumpster, my dad tried to reach in, but he could only get to a few books. So I (wearing flip-flops and a skirt, nonetheless) hoisted myself up on the edge, then climbed in.

We ended up retrieving quite a few books,
some to keep,

some to throw away, and some to trade on the bookswap. My favorite find, I think: a leather bound journal!

And it's completely unwritten in!

Though perhaps I'd like it better if it was written in. :P I wonder, would I feel like an intruder if I read someone's private life? Probably, especially without permission.... I guess it's best that the journal is empty.


Grace Joan said...


Hayley said...


My favorite thing ever. :D Rarely do I find a reason to throw out a book, I'm in awed disbelief when I find that other people have. Nice haul!

Micah E. said...

Best. Journal. Ever.

Michael said...

This is awesome. :) Okay, it would be far more INTERESTING i the journal was written in. . .but probably unethical to read it :P.