September 11, 2009

I want to understand

No one understands anything
We are the blind leading the blind
We are the forgotten and misunderstood
We are the lonely who crouch together.

We are the wrecks, we are the lost
We are the ones who know-
But yet do not know
We hear and we do not comprehend.

Answers are clear and plain
But they all seem too bland
I'm calling out to life!
And to all that I so glibly praise...

I'm wishing to sympathize,
for Truth to matter to me and everyone
It does matter, doesn't it?
I just. need to. find it.


Micah E. said...

How cruel, to know that there is Truth and not know what it is.

How can you stand next to truth and not see it?

Hayley said...

To see truth and know it's truth, and not yet understand it. A change of heart comes slow.

[How many times have I felt this idea . . .]

Kaitlyn said...

I have felt this often; nice job putting it into words...