September 21, 2009

In wonder

Lord, how is it that when I come to you in tears you answer with love? How is it that there is no scolding, no condemnation, only whispers of promises I know You will keep?

Lord! How can you accept me as I am? Why do you not demand my poetry, my reason, my eloquence? How can I feel so loved when I am so insufficient?

You always amaze me.


Micah E. said...

And yet, somehow, I feel that I am not complete when I do not offer my poetry, my reason, my eloquence.

I am loved, though I have nothing to offer. And because of this, I must offer all the nothing that I am.

Thank you, rebecca, for this.

Hayley said...

And somehow, paradoxically, God is given the most glory when we are completely hollow, empty of any worth. Amazing. We are broken, we are nothing, and this is all He needs of us.

Elizabeth said...

God doesn't accept us just as we are. He only accepts us in Christ. The amazing thing is: That God would provide someone to turn His wrath that we deserve.

God is so good. :-)

Grace Joan said...

(his love is strong)