September 16, 2009

Life is so full.

I'm thinking about Mary Claire's last post, about the lovely fullness and beauty of humanity. I'm thinking about my friends and the people that I know, and their stories, their happinesses. People are wonderful, yes?

Often, I'll have emails going between several friends and myself, but I have none presently. Which means I've not had an opportunity, really, to share the little things I think about. However, now I'm thinking about an instance that contradicts that: just this afternoon Colleen and I had a long walk in our park. Where am I going with this?

I guess I'll write this as an open letter to all of you. As if it was a letter, I'm including my ramblings and things I thought were cool that I encountered today. These are things I sometimes include in my status message, but often don't because I'm usually too busy to appear on gchat.

My philosophy professor today said "There is no number two." You must understand this in context, though. The numeral 2 (you see it, right on the screen there) exists quite tangibly. But the number, the concept two is much harder to define. We discussed in class how relationships and laws exist (mathematical relationships, laws of physics...not so much moral principles). Have we discovered them, or do we invent the relationships? I think that Pythagoras discovered a relationship. But it seems that there are other laws that are simply invented. Seriously, aren't sine and cosine and tangent just constructs that conveniently have perfect connections to a right triangle?

Anyhow, related to "There is no number two." My mind related it to the Franz Ferdinand song that goes "There is no nation of me, there is no nation of you, our only nation lives in lucid dreams." Lightbulbs went on in my head; it seems the song is saying that the nation, or the ideal "me" only lives in an imagined reality.

Then I started thinking about the patriotic essay I'm writing for the VFW. "Does America Still Have Heroes?" the topic asks. Well...what is America? Is America a physical nation, or a nation that represents ideals? This essay is going to be good for me, because the idea of patriotism seems so foreign to me. (That should be a pun, but I'm not sure if it's a witty one.)

Now I'm stopping to think of what to say, and wondering if I truly write letters like this. I think I do. Especially with all this meta narrative.

Today, I was also thinking about parenting kids. (Don't ask why, I don't remember.) Giving birth must feel like being born again. I've read a quote (I think it's a cheesy one, but it works for this idea) that said that having kids means your soul walks and lives outside of your body. Anyway, a mother has to relive life, guiding children through babyhood, childish friendship, imaginary games, school, teenagerhood, romance. . . What a life. It's hard to conceive of what it means to give up your happiness for your children. (Thanks, Mom, really. And I know you read my blog, so when you read this, I don't know when? When you find free time?, know that I am grateful.)

Hmm. I think that's all I have to say for now. :) Does this letter deserve a sign-off? I wonder. Thanks for listening to me, to my thoughts, to my imaginary world.


Michael said...

I think this post had the opposite affect it was supposed to. You're talking about the things that are on your mind here so that you can still talk to people and get your work done, but it just makes me want to talk to you more :P

I'm gonna go write a blog post about organization and books. g'bye.

Lis said...

Finally, it's happening! And now I don't know what to say :P

Someday I want to talk to you about patriotism.

Random thought: I like to imagine that you're singing right now.

Kaitlyn said...

Michael: Hahaha! Yes, I agree.

Lis: I don't (think) I know you, but I like your imagination. :)

Rebecca: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thoughts are a gift.

Kaitlyn said...

Lis: I do know you, dear. I am quite happy to know you. :smile:

Eunice said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

As a mom, I don't think about giving up my desires nearly as much as thanking God that I get to be used in developing you into the person God is creating you to be!