September 18, 2009

Thinking about IMPACT 2010: Singapore

We're planning to visit Malaysia in December. Between the time my family would leave, and when ICC's Singapore conference starts, is three weeks.

My parents suggested I just stay overseas. I can't believe they would actually consider letting their fifteen-year-old stay in Malaysia with another family for three weeks. Like, seriously?

It would save on flight costs, and less fund-raising is looking appealing. But I don't want to miss MASTERS! :frowns:

Do I even want to go? If I turn down the opportunity to teach in Singapore, am I solidifying a future of refusing adventure and service? I'm asking myself a question that I've asked before: Who is this self that I am making for myself?

I have until September 30, at the very latest, to decide.

Is it stupid to not go just because it's expensive, and what with Philosophy, NaNoWriMo, VoD, Calculus, PSAT, ReCAP, YSG, and Chapter, I just won't have enough time to go around asking for $2300? I have some money, albeit... But I wanted to buy an ipod with that money. :another frown:

What would the experience be like? I've been to Singapore, I've been to CFC conferences. But I've not been to both at the same time.

Going would be a rather large commitment. How much do I sympathize with ICC? Is it worth it? Do I believe that being a cultural communicator means going out of the country to teach kids how to communicate? Not necessarily. I don't have to go. So I have to ask myself, how much would I gain? How much would I contribute, even? Do they need me?

Making decisions is so hard.


Micah E. said...

I wish I had some advice to offer, but this is you're decision.

It sounds like a very cool opportunity though. Pray.

[mc] said...

I see your dilemma...but can I be selfish? Personally, I want to see you at Masters. ;)

Anyways, my opinion here doesn't really matter, but if it helps.. *shrugs*

When I was considering the Singapore trip, the first thing that crossed my mind was.."why am I considering going to another country...when I have thousands of opportunities at my doorstep?" It sounds so thrilling, as well as fun to be around other ICC friends...but am I really equipped to go to Singapore to teach other students? What about the students in my area?

Missions in general confuse me. I see a need in other countries, be it in communication, Christ, or just plain help...but I'm always found second guessing myself regarding my willingness to go somewhere other than where I'm put now. I don't know, I guess what I mean is that there are so many needs around me that I don't pay attention to, and sometimes even ignore, and yet for some reason these mission/service trips excite me to action...which makes me question my motives.

Hah, I seem to have gone off on a rabbit trail. This doesn't really apply to you, I guess I "me-tized" again. Anyways. Pray. :)

Michael said...

I don't know what you should do, either (and it's not mine to say.) What I would say is this, one decision of turning down an opportunity doesn't lock you into turning down opportunity's for the rest of your life at all. It sounds like an awesome idea, with many difficult questions to ask a pray about. I'll be praying for you.