October 8, 2009

Characteristic of most posts I don't post, except that this one is being posted.

I have nothing to say. Or what I have to say I express already, in status messages, emails, essays... I entitled my philosophy essay "Disembodied Doubt." It amused me slightly.

I finally decided on an outline for my Voice of Democracy essay. I just hope it doesn't all fall through as I start to write it. I was supposed to have finished the outline two weeks ago. Oh well.

I wonder how to write eloquently. The sentence structure in this blog post is very bland.

I am helping teach writing to a bunch of kids in my homeschool group. I am breaking about every rule in the book.

I start nearly every sentence with I. I wonder if I should stop.

I enjoy listening to albums on myspace music.

I like living. I sound self-absorbed. I need to get past my writing block. I may regret posting this. I have to go study Malay now.



Micah E. said...

These characteristics closely match those of all the comments that I write but never post on other people's blogs.

Hayley said...

I was thinking today, my friends need to blog more. I miss when they blog. And today, four new posts. I was very happy. :smile:

Mm, today was a good day for living, yes?