October 25, 2009

The dream brings us closer to reality.

"Plato argued that art is 'thrice removed' from reality: A painting is an imperfect representation or copy of a man who himself is an imperfect copy of the real thing, Man...

...Plato advocated banishing the arts- at least the representative arts- from an ideal society. Aristotle, with his view of immanent Forms, draws exactly the opposite conclusion. It is because the essence and ideal of things are embodied in those things that the artistic representation brings us closer to reality." -Questions that Matter, p 76.

(I'd like to write this quote in calligraphy, or paint it onto a serene background, and paste it on my wall to inspire me during NaNoWriMo.)


Michael said...

I'm with Aristotle, I think.

Echoes in Ink said...

Mm... I am too.

Thank you for verbalizing what is so hard to understand consciously.

Love always,