October 21, 2009

I have 52 minutes until my self-appointed bedtime. My mind is racing with things to do. I want to read through more of art curriculum- this book is about design. I want to paint myself an avatar. I want (I want to have done, at least) to do my Greek. I want to read this book about cooperation so I can blog about it on the Manus Oratorum website. I want to patch up the numerous holes in my NaNoWriMo plot. I want to read more of Lilith. I want to listen to music. Mostly, I'm just thankful that I have some free time. It's refreshing. I want to be as busy as I was today tomorrow, so my free time is as lovely! Alright, I have 48 minutes left now. :waves goodbye:


Echoes in Ink said...

Feeling underinformed... What's Manus Oratorum? It sounds cool and Latin-y. : )

Love you, dear,

Art said...

Manus Oratorum is the name of my debate club. It means "band of orators." :)