October 19, 2009


has one day to write three more scenes for the "family" skit she's co-writing.
does everything she can to avoid writing this play.
can't decide if it should be called a play or skit.
thinks that play sounds more impressive.
is having trouble thinking of what should happen to the family once they land on the alien planet.

is a procrastinator.
thinks that was needless to say.
is contemplating actually doing something productive in her procrastination, instead of just listening to music, reading blog posts she's already read, or reading MLIA.
is getting tired of this blog post.
is clicking "publish post."
would like to point out that one cannot actually type and click something at the same time.


Serfy said...

use play. I dislike the word skit. :D

And what in the world is MLIA? I haven't the faintest clue and so many of my friends mention it. please enlighten me. :)

Art said...

MLIA is short for My Life is Average, and mylifeisaverage.com is an often hilarious but slightly addictive site full of posts of weird and funny everyday happenings.

Hayley said...

I spent today cutting out half inch squares from cardstock for art class, and I was SO THRILLED to have something for my hands to do while my mind goofed off. [Guilt relief at the cost of developing carpal tunnel.]

Focus is so elusive. Too much to do, eh? [FACT: I'm supposed to be writing my application right now, but this was more interesting. :D]

Micah E. said...

You can totally type and click at the same ti

Echoes in Ink said...

Play all the way. Skit sounds timid. Play commands attention.

I have never heard of that website, and even as my J mind is telling me how much I need to get done today, I'm clicking out of here and googling it.... Okay, you can't click and type at the same time.