October 12, 2009

Self-inflicted Headache

I got my ipod today. And I'm overwhelmed (to put it lightly) by how much work it will take to organize all of my music into iTunes. I think Genius is tremendously cool. I'm frustrated that I can't seem to easily change the name of a file. And it puts music from CD mixes into separate folders. How do you all manage your music? I think I need help. How do you form playlists? Do you rate all hundreds, thousands of songs you have? *sigh* I have 4 days of music on here, most of it from Kristen. To add to the difficulty, is that I only bought an 8 G nano, and I have 8.49 G of music right now in iTunes. I need to delete some songs. Grr!


Hayley said...

You are definitely a J, my dear. :P

I don't rate songs. it's just easier that way. if I need to make some songs feel more special than others, they'll somehow end up in my "most played" playlist.

to keep songs from CD mixes together, I make a playlist for each mix. [if you right-click info on a song, you can also make a note, like, "from Christmas music mix" or something, so when you search for it, it'll come up. info will also allow you to change the name of a song/artist/genre/whatever your heart desires to change.]

I have poured tons of wasted time into organizing my iTunes library, and it's still a bit of a mess. IMHO, you are rightfully overwhelmed. [organizing music is serious business! :P] yay for new iPod!!

Echoes in Ink said...

Ooh! New iPod. Very much fun.

I am a J, so take all of my advice with a grain of salt. I organize mine three different ways:
Artist (iTunes does it for you)
Album (same)
and Playlist, which are based off of feelings, ideas, topics, or uses, for me.

I do not rate my songs. Even for a J like me, that is overwhelming.

It gets easier with time (and I look at my iTunes and see that it's a mess. I should organize it.)

Anyway, our CFC conference starts in 2 days and I'm thinking of you and missing you.

Love always,

Micah E. said...

Um, yeah, I don't rate songs. Or have playlists. I should though, I need playlists. I just have it organized by artist.

Oh, choosing what goes and what doesn't! That must be hard, to ask "which of my music do I like least" or "want least" implies that you do such a thing. I like to think I like all my music, and I think you probably do as well. Good luck with that.

Elizabeth said...

Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed. Same feeling I had when I got my iPod.

About picking and choosing: Put all of it on iTunes, and switch on and off. i.e. if you have x album on for a month - get tired of it, take it off and switch to y music. Just a thought.

Have fun!