November 23, 2009

Broken to the next level of completion.

It is 11:46 pm right now, the twenty-third of November, the year 2009.
And on this date in history, I finished my first draft of my novel.

Now I just need to find out who wants to read it when it's edited, in a tactful way that lets everyone know that I love my book a lot, but it has boatloads of flaws. And I'm a little afraid of reading it myself, so I'm even more so afraid of you people reading it. But I still want you to, you know?

Or I could just not ask and give it to people who have asked me. I can't make up my mind.



Michael said...

Yay for novel finishing!

I understand this feeling of apprehension exactly. You want people to read it, and you want them to forgive it its flaws, and to see what you wanted people to see in it, and to like it anyway despite the things you know are wrong with it. But you're also afraid we'll miss the point, or worse yet get the point and not care.

Hayley said...

I want to read it. I may have mentioned that before. ;P

Eunice said...

me, too!

me, too!

I wanna read it! Me first!

Kaitlyn Johnston said...

:raise hand: