November 8, 2009

Me trying to be empathetic, but ending up cynical

so they told you, stop caring about winning, it's all empty
because the winners stood on the stage, receiving their plastic awards
and they felt in that moment as if it was wind

but you never wanted the prizes
you aren't deceived to think that a trophy will last
you only can't stand the the frustration of failing

winning doesn't matter... until you lose
so either win emptiness or lose your self-esteem
we're only striving so that we can survive


Serfy said...

::sad smile::
I don't think you're trying to empathize with me, since you can't know what happened today (because I didn't tell you...yet.) But this just speaks volumes to me right now.

Michael said...

Yes, this makes perfect sense.

"you only can't stand the the frustration of failing." *nod* It's . . . "connecting" that you understand. :P (did I just use connecting as an adjective?)

Echoes in Ink said...

"we're only striving to survive." Ouch.

Empathy is hard. So, so hard.


Micah E. said...

"so either win emptiness or lose your self-esteem"

But "with humility comes wisdom", maybe the loss of self-esteem is actually the best thing that can happen to you at a competition.