December 11, 2009

Because I'm afraid that I cannot live without friends

then flung
hard glaring unknowing
praising encouraging inflating

and all I want is to live truly

so clung
warm comforting communing
advising urging humbling

but all I want
is to live truly.


Elizabeth said...


Micah E. said...

And iron sharpens iron.

Michael said...

At first when I read this post I thought "okay, whatevs. nothing to write a comment about." Then I came back and read it again, and it's kind of fantastic, though I'm unsure if that has to do with the words or the connotations drawn from them. I'm also unsure about which part of poetry (the words used, or the connotations given) that make it worthwhile.

Art said...


this is the question, Michael: what is the meaning of a word except the connotations given?