December 31, 2009


First of all, it's not right that I haven't posted here for a week. Secondly, I have thought a lot, really I have. But with going places and trying to work on a gazillion things that I still have to do and with internet down, I have a few excuses.

In other news, I've decided I'm going to delete my mojo music. I'm saying this here so I can't change my mind. I think this was influenced by two things: One, for Christmas my parents gave me permission to listen to music without it having to be approved. And I realized that it was up to me to determine if my music consumption was moral - both in the content of the songs and the means by which I got them. Also, I was reading "The Enemy Within" (by Kris Lundgaard, if you're interested; I recommend it) and it suggested I ask God to reveal the worst sins He can find. (No, it's not like it put me on an artificial guilt-trip.) But I thought about the music I've gotten that I haven't paid for in the least. Music that I have no idea how many people it has been shared with. Music from artists I already like that swayed me to not pay money to buy their CDs and encourage what they're doing.

I can't listen to some of my CDs without realizing I have a problem with it. Before I had thought about it, I didn't mind. But now that I've considered, and realized that I don't have a clear conscience about mojo music, I can't listen to it, or let it sit in my library anymore. "Knowledge, no doubt, made the bad people worse, but it must make the good people better!" (Lilith). I'm going to delete it once I get home to my computer.

Today I scrolled through my iPod and wrote down all the albums and songs that I still don't want to live without, so I can get them legally. I think I am going to be quite a bit poorer after all of this is over. (Though I'll try to see what gift certificates and such I can use.) But it will also encourage me to listen to my Dad's collection of music, or our classical CD's, and make me value the music I listen to more. Plus, a lot of the music I have I don't listen to anyway. I may also get a Pandora account.

Life feels a lot more free.
(Now that is a little ironic since the music is far from it.)


Michael said...

Yay! :)

(Hayley will be very proud)

Hayley said...

I am so very happy for you! Yes, and very proud. Good on ya, mate. :D

Micah E. said...

ps. if you do get a Pandora, a Jon Foreman station provides excellent results (mostly Jon, DC*B, and Phil Wickham... can't go wrong)

Kaitlyn said...

Pandora is made of win. :)

(So are you.)