December 1, 2009

I feel like I'm very nearly mad, barely holding on to my sanity.
Tomorrow is a community presentation and I have lines and introductions and transitions to stuff into my mind.
Don't mention the round robin, I'm not ready for that either.
Sorry, Enoch, for not critiquing your cases, I didn't forget you. You don't even read my blog.
My ReCAPs are not finished yet.
One day I will wake up and realize that I do not have enough time to finish everything. For now I can pretend.
This is why I haven't finished editing my novel and haven't sent it to you. Please don't be too harsh.
I can't think of what else to say and I should go back to work anyway.


Hayley said...

Oh how I empathize! My heart is full for you! You can do it, by the grace of God it will all get done.

Echoes in Ink said...

"We are too young to know some things are not possible."

Live like it is. God will make a way. I pray it has your sanity in it.

I do so understand, my very dear friend. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic-ness to answer my questions.

Yours always,

the caitlin-bird said...

That is hard! very hard... hang in there! Peace be with you.

Elizabeth said...

It's okay, Becca. Hang in there. Make a huge list and start with the Hardest thing first. :-)

'Praying for you. <3

Art said...

Thanks, people. I really appreciate your encouragement.

Unfortunately, Liz, I can't start with the hardest thing or else the things that are due sooner won't get done. But yeah, lists do help. B-)