December 19, 2009

quite a few things happened today
but the only one i care to say
is that the pages of my notebook are frankly falling out
so i don't know if i should write in it anymore
and i am over-dramatizing about
an everyday happening that has never occurred before


Micah E. said...

Like... literally falling out? I would suggest a rubber band.

Serfy said...

ha! I like the irony in the last line. :)

Echoes in Ink said...

I agree with Micah... don't give up the notebook! Never give up the notebook! A rubber band will solve all ills.

Michael said...

Get used to it, Rebecca. :P It was bound to happen.

Art said...

"It was bound to happen." ahaha!

The string that is binding the notebook to the cover is loose, and the paper of the cover that is sewn to the paper of the pages is ripping. So the pages are mostly intact but it doesn't always stay in the cover.

I only have 14 pages left, but I will use a rubber band if it gets unbearable. :) Thanks for the advice.

Tunafish said...

I kinda read your blog some because I really like it but don't really comment all that much cuse it seems that you have a small circle of friends. I'm not quite sure that I'm welcome and all, I'm not really much of a thinker =P I don't really use a notebook... but I used to. I just right on random pieces of paper that are in scattered piles on my couch and desk... some on my music stand... Use duct tape =) always the answer! Jesus loves you! =)

Art said...

Hey Tunafish, I like making my small circle larger: of course you're welcome! :) And yeah, duct tape is pretty amazing.