December 13, 2009

Things fall apart

It seems the world is falling into pieces. Everything lasting is found in God alone.
It seems all we can do is to tell people about Him, and to ignore all else, everything passing.

Aristotle races to the rescue, telling of essences within things and purposes in physical objects. I think of this world as a place for God’s will to be done; miraculously, bewilderingly, we can pray “your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven." Restoration.

The purpose of morality to return us to how we are, or as some understand it better, as we should be. But the ought or the will is only the truest is. No being here is complete until perfect, every imperfect thing is not fully existent, because it is partially filled with Nothing.

But things fall apart! How can we win? Will this world not go down in flames? What world is lasting?

I do not believe a fatalistic mindset strikes at the heart of what this world is like, saying that there will death and destruction and doom, so put your faith in God. While that may be true in a sense, I rather think we should our faith in God because of the LIFE he gives. But will we, can we, look upon the goodness of the Lord here, in the land of the dying life? Or must we wait until we come to the other side of judgment, into the living death, where we have died into everlasting life? I do not understand if this world is good; I do not understand what our role is to make it better. How can we glorify an everlasting unchanging perfect God through actions in an imperfect fallen world?

Things fall apart.


Eunice said...

By trusting in Him even when it doesn't make sense...resting in the knowledge that His ways are higher than ours...and never really understood by us this side of heaven.

Hayley said...

"How can we glorify an everlasting unchanging perfect God through actions in an imperfect fallen world?" By trying. What is worship? What is trust? What is love? We do things we don't understand. And it's incomplete. And there's glory in it. I don't know how or why, but He is God and He will be glorified. Regardless of us or evil or anything else.

How fantastic, to not understand, to know that things fall apart and that at the same time things are whole.