December 13, 2009

time for expression

I put a lot of stock into stream-of-consciousness writing. My best poems, I think, are ones I felt were given to me, like a phrase or image or feeling dropped into my consciousness and all I had to do was to describe it and elucidate further.

When I feel like writing, I generally make time to write. When full of inspiration, I create. So that makes sense.

I think of one of Mary Claire's poems I read today: a line jumped out at me. "but more rich than you might think / that had tears to spare for poetry". That's me. I live with the luxury of being able to write, think, weep. Then I think about something Lilly said at the round robin, that people who are really successful know how to get over themselves, and not waste time. I don't know if it's bad of me to be so tied to a creative life.

There are so many things that cry for my attention, but it's usually poetry and writing that is spoiled if I don't feel it anymore. That's why I give them such precedence. I think I may be forgetting what the point of this blog post was: perhaps to express my sadness at how hard it is to manage everything, feeling especially. I wonder how you people be productive.