January 8, 2010

I'd rather write than paint right now.

I deliberated much over my design for the "Awakening" art contest put on by ICC. The idea was to have a stone hand being transformed into a live one, by the light of the sun. The grass is supposed to be dead, to symbolize going from death to life, and how we awaken into life and certainty and reality and meaning. (I'll post my speech when I get around to writing it.) Here's the sketch I made. It's supposed to look like that, except in color and much more awesome.

But unfortunately, painting it has proved problematic. The skin doesn't look quite right, and I'm not sure how to do anything else.

So I switched to pastels.

And then it was going well, until I got to the sky. Or maybe the problems started at the grass. You could say I gave up trying to make this look good, with the green sky. But it makes sense in my head: why shouldn't life be symbolized by green? Because skies aren't green. . .

The easiest thing to do right now is scribble (either in words, or in pen).

I said drawing was relaxing, didn't I? My imagination isn't good at translating into paintings. Or maybe I'm just not a skilled enough tool. "Feeling is so much more eloquent." (I'm quoting myself: I've said it so many times in so many different contexts: feeling is more eloquent that they way we look when we're feeling angry or sad, feeling is so much more eloquent sometimes than the words we use to describe wispy moods, and now feeling, or even thought, is so much more eloquent than paper and pen and paint.)