February 2, 2010

(call it nonsense, I don't know what it is)

I want the darkest, most searing honesty there is. I want to be torn apart, wrenched away. I want to be steeped, to be stamped upon. I want to be broken open until I spill over. I want to be torn to shreds and thrown on the beach until all I can feel is peace, peace washing over me.



Echoes in Ink said...

Do you lack peace in the face of tact? What an interesting thought.

I love the way you think, my dear friend.

Truth doesn't always hurt, does it? Is there always such pain and roughness in truth? Surely there is a truth that produces comfort and security? Once again, an interesting thought. Keep writing. I will always read

Much love, Catey

Michael said...

Oh! And yet "the truth will set you free."

The dark honesty of people is met with the bright honesty of God, and do you only want the dark honesty that tears down? Or also the honesty that builds up? If not the latter, than why would you want it at all?

Art said...

(an explanation)
I've thought about things since I wrote this post. Perhaps I wanted the wrong thing. Perhaps I wanted the pain that is part of being changed, and truth coming in. (The idea of being "dragged up and out onto such heights and precipices of truth")

Maybe the dark honesty is so much a part of me seeing the bright honesty that I had confused them, calling a symptom a solution.

I told Catey, "God's truth transcends the tact of people." I'm thinking about that, too... that I want people to be honest, and I don't completely know how that fits in with wanting the greatest Truth there is.

Elizabeth said...

Ignorance is not bliss.

Oh, and by the way, I really like the way you re-decorated your blog. =)

Hayley said...

It seems like that which does not hurt is not real.

There is such relief in a peace that passes understanding.