February 11, 2010

[dubbed overexpressive imaginative prose]

The stars flickered around her like shooting swords of light, and she reached for them, clasping onto the bars. She swung from them, every dream she chanced upon making her sight more colorful, more pressing. Why bother to try to follow them all? How could she discern a path among these lights, circling above her, around her, below her, like a carousel inside a hall of mirrors? As the world spun, she was divided, pulled every way. And at the very center of her soul, she cried out, I just want to be good.


Kay said...

Mmm. I like this. :)
And, I like your new template too.

Echoes in Ink said...

Can something be overly imaginative? I like reading some of your overexpressive pieces... while they're not realistic in the sense that 'most people' think, it is in your heart. It is in your mind.

Love you, Catey